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Inspired by Italian designs both classic and contemporary, PENTOLI's cookware essentials of pots, pans and accessories represents high quality multiply stainless steel cookware that will elevate your cooking experience in style.


Versatile and made durable. Pentoli's innovative smart-forming technology produces variable wall thickness while optimising body weight and heat distribution of the cookware to ensure faster cooking time and lesser energy consumption.


Clad in a 3-ply 'stainless steel-aluminium-stainless steel' it combines the good heat conduction characteristics of aluminum with the good corrosion resistance properties of stainless steel.

As a result. food becomes cooked in a much less hazardous to health method while become so much more delicious with proper distribution of heat when compared with other materials.


The maiden launch of PENTOLI cookware encompasses the "Passione series" consisting of 18cm sauce pot, 22cm casserole, 26cm stock pot, 22cm frying pan and 38cm flat bottom wok. In addition. a signature product & litres pressure cooker, equipped with multiple pressure relief valves to ensure safety in its cooking operation in compliance with Japan Safety Goods Standard is also introduced.