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Q: If the cooker is discolored ?

A: Use for the first time or after a few times upon purchase, discolor is normal as film might formed on the surface of stainless steel. Can use the Stainless Steel Powder, detergent and sponge to clean.


Q: How to CareFor Your PENTOLI Cookware

1. Multi-ply cookware provides excellent heat conductivity. To use, always start with a high or medium heat level. Cooking with an appropriate heat level is the key to a nutritious meal with multi-ply cookware.

2. The unique cover of multi-ply cookware will form a vacuum seal when cooking. This is to prevent heat from escaping, and thus minimises cooking time and leaving nutrients intact. To create the vacuum seal, twist the cover on the body of the cookware when the food is boiling or steam is coming out.

3. To start cooking, place the food into cookware. Proceed to add salt to food after it boils. Stir until salt is dissolved completely. To prevent the occurrence of spots on the cookware, ensure that salt or sugar is completely dissolved during cooking process. This will ensure the prolonged life and outlook of the cookware.

4. Do not fill multi-ply cookware with cooking oil over one-third of its capacity for deep-frying. This is to prevent oil spillage from the cookware after food is placed in.

5. Be careful of hot steam when opening the cover.

6. Keep cookware handles away from heat source.

7. After cleaning, wipe with stainless steel polishing powder to maintain the shiny appearance.